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The German Center for Dental Implantology

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Dental Implantology at DZZI-CLINIC
(Hamburg, Germany)

Someday it's going to happen: you'll lose your beautiful teeth - some will get inflamed, need to be pulled, leaving gaps. If they cannot be replaced by fixed bridges due to missing natural posts, the unloved removable "Thirds" become due. What should you do? Get a removable denture placed? Unthinkable!

Wearing dentures somehow means to be cast aside - or does it? Naturally, tooth replacement is a must, via fixed bridges or fixed single crowns. But removable dentures are not the only solution. Some experts even state that removable dentures, attached to tooth implants or not, is the worst a dentist can offer his patients. Implants for the attachment of a fixed denture, bridge or crown is a much better solution.

This website will inform you about the alternatives to any removable denture modern dentistry is capable of offering. It will also answer questions like the following:

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And last but not least:

Other questions about dental implants, osteoporosis in conjunction with oral implants, i.e. osteoporosis in the jaw, and the possibility of painless operations in general anesthesia will be addressed.

The DZZI-CLINIC in Hamburg, Germany

The DZZI-CLINIC is a dental implant clinic in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in oral implantology, founded and run by Dr Axel J.A. Wirthmann, MD, DDS, Ph.D., Fellow of the ICOI in 1991 as the first of its kind in Germany, probably Europe.

As of 2011, this private German hospital also offers postgraduate dental implantology courses in English for students and postgraduates of implantology, current implantologists and other dental technicians. Click here for more information about the dental and implant courses offered at our clinic in Hamburg.